You are interested in selecting a sample of 100 students on your campus to participate in a survey of the effects of coffee on students’ ability to compreend material from a faculty member’s lecture. You have decided to limit your selection to business majors and have obtained a comprehensive list (ranked in descending order based on grade point average) of all business majors. This list is 22 pages long and contains the names of 2,200 business majors.

a. When selecting your sample, what precautions should you take to ensure a representative sample?
b. Briefly describe how you might select the sample using each of the following methods:
(1) Unrestricted random selection,
(2) Systematic random selection,
(3) Haphazard selection, and (4) block selection.
c. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using the selection methods described in (b)?

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