You are operations manager for a plant that produces copy machines. At the end of the day tomorrow, you will find out how many machines were produced and, of these, how many are defective.
a. Describe the random experiment identified here.
b. What is the sample space? (Hint: Note that each outcome consists of two pieces of information.)
c. What will the outcome tell you?
d. Identify precisely the event “met the goal of at least 500 working (nondefective) machines with 2 or fewer defective machines” by listing the qualifying outcomes from the sample space.
e. In 22 of the past 25 days, this goal has been met. Find the appropriate relative frequency.
f. About how far away from the true, unknown probability of meeting the goal is the relative frequency from part e? (For simplicity, you may assume that these were independent runs of the same random experiment.)

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