You are overseeing a study of cigarette smoking in the
You are overseeing a study of cigarette smoking in the countries of Southeast Asia. As part of the study you plan to conduct a multiple linear regression analysis to try to explain the variation in smoking rates among the countries, using as the dependent variable, y the current smoking rate for adult men over the age of 40. The independent variables are x1, the average age at which smokers start smoking, and x2, per capita government spending on anti smoking campaigns during the past 5 years. The following data are available:
The analysis produced the estimated regression equation below. (The coefficients have been rounded slightly.) y ˆ = 112.266 – 4.633x1 – .675x2
a. Interpret the coefficients.
b. Calculate the missing values in the following tables:
c. Does the sample evidence show a useful linear relationship (at the 5% significance level) between the dependent variable, y, and the independent variables x1 and x2? Explain.
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