You are the chief financial officer of a large multinational
You are the chief financial officer of a large multinational company, and six months from now you will be receiving a settlement payment of $50 million, which you plan to invest in 10-year U.S. Treasury bonds. Your interest rate forecast indicates that the yield curve will drop dramatically in the next two quarters. You are considering ways that you can guard against the possible decline in interest rates before you have the funds available to invest.
a. Briefly describe the hedging strategy using the 10-year Treasury note futures contract that would provide the best protection against this possible decline in yields.
b. Suppose that six months after you have entered into a futures contract as suggested in Part a, interest rates increases in the market actually increase substantially due to an unexpected change in monetary policy. Discuss how this increase in interest rates will affect the futures position you entered into.
c. Discuss whether you would have been better off (1) with the hedge position or (2) without the hedge position in this situation.

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