Question: You are the CIO in a large manufacturing company that

You are the CIO in a large manufacturing company that specializes in low- cost upholstered living room furniture. You are very proud of your state- of- the- art system that involves nearly zero materials or finished goods inventories. Your CEO has just told you that a major European competitor has approached her regarding the creation of a virtual enterprise, dedicated to producing high- quality, expensive leather furniture. “You have to help me,” your CEO said to you. “I have no idea what a virtual enterprise is. I didn’t want to act ignorant, so I told the competitor that we were very interested and that we would schedule a video conference with them to further discuss the matter.”

a. Write a brief report that explains the following:
What a virtual enterprise is, and how it relates to a collaborative networked organization.
How a virtual enterprise will work with your existing information technologies and information system. You currently use SAP.
The possibility of setting up the virtual enterprise

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