Question: You are the IT manager at Hi Voltage Components a medium sized

You are the IT manager at Hi-Voltage Components, a medium-sized firm that makes specialized circuit boards. Hi-Voltage’s largest customer, Green Industries, recently installed a computerized purchasing system. If Hi-Voltage connects to the purchasing system, Green Industries will be able to submit purchase orders electronically. Although Hi-Voltage has a computerized accounting system, that system is not capable of handling EDI.
1. What options does Hi-Voltage have for developing a system to connect with Green Industries’ purchasing system?
2. What terms or concepts describe the proposed computer-to-computer relationship between Hi-Voltage and Green Industries?
3. Would Hi-Voltage’s proposed new system be a transaction processing system? Why or why not?
4. Before Hi-Voltage makes a final decision, should the company consider an ERP system? Why or why not?

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