You are the manager of a department store in Tokyo
You are the manager of a department store in Tokyo. Sales are subject to month-to-month variations, depending on the individual salesclerk’s efforts and other factors. A new salary-plus-bonus plan has been in effect for 4 months, and you are reviewing a sales performance report. The plan provides for a base salary of ¥50,000 per month, a ¥68,000 bonus each month if the salesclerk meets the monthly sales quota, and an additional commission of 5% of all sales over the monthly quota. Each month, the quota is reset at approximately 3% above the previous month’s sales to motivate clerks to continually increase sales. The monthly quotas and actual amounts for the first 4 months of the plan are shown in the following sales report (in thousands):

1. Compute the compensation for each salesclerk for each month.
2. Evaluate the compensation plan. Be specific. What changes would yourecommend?
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