You are the manager of a local sporting goods store and recently purchased a shipment of 60 sets of skis and ski bindings at a total cost of $ 25,000 (your wholesale supplier would not let you purchase the skis and bindings separately, nor would it let you purchase fewer than 60 sets). The community in which your store is located consists of many different types of skiers, ranging from advanced to beginners. From experience, you know that different skiers value skis and bindings differently. However, you cannot profitably price dis-criminate because you cannot prevent resale. There are about 20 advanced skiers who value skis at $ 400 and ski bindings at $ 275; 20 intermediate skiers who value skis at $ 300 and ski bindings at $ 400; and 20 beginning skiers who value skis at $ 200 and ski bindings at $ 350. Determine your optimal pricing strategy.

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