You are the manager of a used car firm known
You are the manager of a used car firm known as Reliant Motor Company. Your lawyer has called to tell you that John Doe, a customer you have been dealing with for several months, has filed a lawsuit against the firm. The customer claims the vehicle he purchased is a lemon and no longer even operates. You knew the vehicle was not in the best of condition at the time of sale, but you believe the buyer caused most of the problems by taking the vehicle "off road" several times. You are not looking forward to discovery or trial in this case. You have several questions.
How does discovery work? Can you be required to testify twice in a deposition and at trial? Should you shred all documents you have about this case? You know that some of the documents will not put the firm in the best light.
You wonder what will happen at trial. Will it be like what you have seen on TV or in the movies?
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