Question: You are the systems analyst for the Wee Willie Williams

You are the systems analyst for the Wee Willie Williams Widget Works (also known as Dub 5). Dub 5 has been producing computer keyboard components for more than 20 years and has recently signed an exclusive 10-year contract to provide the keyboards for all Dell and HP personal computers. As the systems analyst, you have been assigned the task of documenting Dub 5’s order-processing system.
Customer orders, which are all credit sales, arrive via e-mail and by phone. When an order is processed, a number of other documents are prepared. You have diagrammed the overall process and the documents produced, as shown in the context diagram shown below.
The following documents are created:
• Order processing creates a packing slip, which the warehouse uses to fill the order.
• A customer invoice is prepared and sent once the goods have been shipped.
• When orders are not accepted, an order rejection is sent to the customer, explaining why the order cannot be filled.
• A receivables notice, which is a copy of the customer invoice, is sent to the accounting department so accounts receivable records can be updated.
After reviewing your notes, you write the following narrative summary:
When an order comes in, the order-processing clerk checks the customer’s credit file to confirm credit approval and ensure that the amount falls within the credit limit. If either of these conditions is not met, the order is sent to the credit department. If an order meets both conditions, the order-processing clerk enters it into the system on a standard order form. The data on the form is used to update the company’s customer file (in which the name, address, and other data are stored), and the form is placed in the company’s open order file.
When the credit department receives a rejected order, the credit clerk determines why the order has been rejected. If the credit limit has been exceeded, the customer is notified that the merchandise will be shipped as soon as Dub 5 receives payment. If the customer has not been approved for credit, a credit application is sent to the customer along with a notification that the order will be shipped as soon as credit approval is granted. Before preparing a packing slip, the system checks the inventory records to determine whether the company has the products ordered on hand. If the items are in stock, a packing slip is prepared and sent to the warehouse.
Once notification of shipped goods has been received from the warehouse, a customer invoice is prepared. A copy is filed by the order-processing department, another is sent to the customer, and another is sent to the accounting department so that accounts receivables can be updated. A note is placed in the customer file indicating that the invoice has been sent.
From the information presented, complete a Level 0 DFD for order processing, a Level 1 DFD for the credit review process for Dub 5, and a BPD of order processing.

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