You are trying to find the current standard deduction amount for an individual.
a. Using a contents search, locate Chapter 1 (Individuals), Computation of Tax Liability, in the US Master Tax Guide for the most current year. What is the standard deduction for a single filer for the most current year?
b. Browse the contents of the Standard Federal Tax Reporter and select Deductions— Secs. 161-249. How many results do you get when you perform a keyword search for that selected content in the Standard Federal Tax Reporter for the keywords standard deduction?
c. Re-perform the search in part b. above except now use the keywords “standard deduction” (using quotation marks)—how many results?
d. How many of the results from the search performed in part c. above are from the Internal Revenue Code?
e. Use the history tabs and click on the browse tab (your US Master Tax Guide document (paragraph 126) should still be in the window). What is the primary source link for the most recent standard deduction amounts?

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