You are working on a report regarding bankruptcies You need
You are working on a report regarding bankruptcies. You need to locate more information and have heard that the U.S. bankruptcy courts have a website that would be useful. Locate the website using a search engine. Locate the following information, and incorporate it into a one- to two-page report.
a. How are bankruptcy judges assigned to specific cases?
b. (1) How can a business obtain the appropriate filing forms for a voluntary petition for bankruptcy?
(2) Briefly summarize the types of information required on the voluntary petition.
c. Locate and summarize the following bankruptcy statistics:
(1) First determine total business filings and then determine the number of filings by type for the most recent calendar year ending on December 31.
(2) Determine the number of filings by type for businesses in your specific federal judicial district. Briefly discuss how the number of filings in your federal judicial district compares with those filed in other districts.

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