Question: You assisted your supervisor Jesse Baker in planning an archit

You assisted your supervisor, Jesse Baker, in planning an architecture for the new TIMS system. Now she wants you to work on system implementation tasks and issues. Specifically, she wants you to develop a structure chart, testing and training plans, implementation guidelines, and a post-implementation review.

1. Jesse wants to see a structure chart. She said to use program modules based on the processes we identified earlier. She wants the modules to be cohesive and loosely coupled.
2. Need a testing plan that includes unit integration and system testing as Jesse requested. Also, need a reminder about careful documentation.
3. Jesse says it's important to understand the difference between the test and operational environments, and she wants me to draft a message that explains the installation process and includes guidelines for all concerned. Also need to develop a training plan for TIMS, with groups that should receive training, the topics that should be covered, and training methods we might use.
4. Jesse wants me to recommend a data conversion plan and a changeover method for TIMS. She also wants a plan for post-implementation review, including fact-gathering methods, topics to cover, the timing of the review, and who should perform it.

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