Question: You can complete and discuss the self assessment below a

You can complete and discuss the self-assessment below.
a. For the college items 1-4, who is harmed and who benefits from these behaviors?
b. For job items 5-24, select the three (circle their numbers) that you consider the most severe unethical behavior. Who is harmed and who benefits from these behaviors? Would it matter if they were in a small business or a big company? Why?
c. If you observed unethical behavior but didn’t report it, why not? If you did report it, why? What was the result? Was it worth it to you to report the behavior?
d. As a small business manager, you know unethical behavior can threaten the company’s existence. If you know some of the employees are stealing from the company, would you tell the owner? Why or why not?
e. If you were a small business owner and you caught your employee, who is also your friend, doing any of the three behaviors you circled in Question 2 (most severe), what would you do?
f. How might I use this self-understanding in the future if I either own my own, or manage a small business?
g. As a small business owner, what can I do to prevent unethical behaviors?

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