You can use the computer based Electronic Workpapers on the
You can use the computer- based Electronic Workpapers on the textbook website to prepare the bank reconciliation solution. Caulco Inc. is the audit client. The February bank statement is shown in Exhibit 6.6 in the text. You have obtained the client- prepared bank reconciliation as of February 28 (see the following).

Check 2231 was the first check written in February. All earlier checks cleared the bank, some during January and some during February. Assume that the only February- dated canceled checks returned in the March bank statement are 2239 and 2240 showing the amounts listed in the February bank reconciliation. They cleared the bank on March 3 and March 2, respectively. The first deposit on the March bank statement was $ 1,097.69 credited on March 3. Assume also that all checks entered in Caulco’s cash disbursements journal through February 29 have either cleared the bank or are listed as outstanding checks in the February bank reconciliation. Determine whether any errors exist in the following bank reconciliation. If errors exist, prepare a corrected reconciliation and explain theproblem.
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