Question: You conduct an experiment involving two levels of self confidence Aj

You conduct an experiment involving two levels of self-confidence (Aj is low and A2 is high) and examine participants’ anxiety scores after they speak to one of four groups of differing sizes (Bx through B4 represent speaking to a small, medium, large, or extremely large group, respectively). You compute the following sums of squares (n = 4 and N = 32):
(a) Complete the ANOVA summary table.
(b) With a = .05, what do you conclude about each Fobt?
(c) Compute the appropriate values of HSD.
(d) For the levels of factor B, the means are X1 = 18.36, X2 = 20.02, X3 = 24.6, and X4 = 28.3. What should you conclude about the main effect of B?
(e) How important is the size of the audience in determining a person’s anxiety score? How important is the person’s self-confidence?

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