Question: You have a preferred stock which has a call ability

You have a preferred stock which has a call ability feature after 10 years at $115. The dividend annually is $10. Your sister buys the preferred stock from you when yields are 12% after 4 years. Assume that the firm buys back the preferred stock at the time that it has the right to do so. What rate of return did your sister make? You will retire in 50 years. At that time, you will need $70,000 per year for 20 years. You will pursue a graduate professional degree for 2 years which will cost $80,000 per annum after 10 years from the present. Twenty years from now you estimate you will send your child to college , and it will cost you 60,000 per year for 4 years. You will provide nursing home care for your parents in 25 years. The care will be for 15 years. The expense per annum presently is 40,000, but it will rise by the rate of inflation of 3% annually. The nursing home facility will fix the annual expense at the time of admittance, however, the expense will rise as stipulated before that time. You can afford to save $15,000 annually for the first 20 years. How much do you need to save from year 30 to 50 to accumulate 
enough for your retirement fund, if the ROR is 10%?

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