You have a random sample of 10 population members from each of two normal populations, and you want to set up a test using the following hypotheses:
H0: μ1 – μ2 = 0 Ha: μ1 – μ2 ≠ 0
a. Using a significance level of .05, identify the critical tscores for the test and state your decision rule.
b. Suppose the sample results are 1 = 17.5 and 2 = 15. Compute the appropriate test statistic, t stat, and report your decision. The sample standard deviations are s1 = 1.6 and s2 = 2.0. Assume the two population standard deviations are equal.
c. Use a statistical calculator or a suitable statistical software package to find the pvalue for your sample result. Use the pvalue to make your decision and report the result.

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