Question: You have an opportunity to choose a flight for your

You have an opportunity to choose a flight for your upcoming spring break trip to Mexico. After a lot of thought and research, you have narrowed your options to four different flights. If there are no delays, each should get you to your destination on time. (It is important to arrive on time as you have to meet a bus at a particular time to take you and other students to your final destination.) If any of the flights is late, arranging for alternative transportation will be difficult. Basic information about each flight is presented in the following table:

A. Define the decision problem that you face in choosing a flight from among the options available to you.
B. What are your objectives in choosing a flight? Identify quantitative and qualitative objectives separately. What is the most important objective to you? Why?
C. What are the relevant quantitative and qualitative factors affecting your choice of flight?
D. If you were to choose from among the four flights, which would be the best choice? Why?
E. How important are qualitative factors in choosing from among the four flights? Are qualitative factors more important than quantitative factors?Why?
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