You have been asked to pre pare the financial statements for
You have been asked to pre-pare the financial statements for Ali Corporation, a private Canadian corporation, for the year ended 31 December 20X4. The company began operations in early 20X4. The following information is available about its business activities during the year:
a. On 2 January, Ali issued no par common shares for $ 600,000.
b. On 3 January, machinery was purchased for $ 510,000 cash. It was estimated to have a useful life of 10 years and a residual value of $ 80,000. Management is considering using either the straight- line amortization method or the declining- balance method at twice the straight- line rate.
c. On 4 January, Ali purchased 20% ownership in a long- term investment, ABC Company, for $ 90,000. During the year, ABC paid dividends of $ 7,000 and earned net income of $ 16,000. Ali can use either the cost method or the equity method of accounting for its investment in ABC.
d. Inventory purchases for the year were, in order of acquisition:

Ali uses a periodic inventory system. There were 50,000 units in ending inventory on 31 December. Management is considering whether to use FIFO or weighted average as the inventory accounting method.
e. Sales during the year were $ 3,000,000, of which 90% were on account and 10% for cash.
f. Management has estimated that approximately 1% of sales on account will be uncollect-ible. During the year, $ 2,070,000 was collected on accounts receivable. When manage-ment scrutinizes the year- end outstanding accounts, it estimates that approximately 6% of the accounts will prove to be uncollectible.
g. Additional operating expenses for the year were $ 1,100,000.
h. On 31 December, the company paid a $ 10,000 cash dividend on common shares.
i. On 31 December, accounts payable pertaining to operating expenses and inventory pur-chases totalled $ 307,000.
j. The cash balance on 31 December was $ 205,000.

1. Choosing from the alternative accounting policies described above, prepare a single- step income statement for the year ended 31 December 20X4 that will produce the lowest net income.
2. What are the ethical implications to be considered when selecting from among alterna-tive accountingpolicies?
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