You have been hired by the U S Department of
You have been hired by the U. S. Department of Education to determine why graduation rates vary from 8% to 100% among U. S. colleges and universities. To facilitate your assignment, you are provided a data set that has been compiled from public sources. The data set can be found at by following these directions:
1. Search using the term “workshops”
2. Select “Math Forum Sponsored Workshops”
3. On the content line, select “Summer”
4. Select “Constructing Mathematics on the Internet 1996”
5. Select “Showcase of Working Group Development”
6. Select “The Data Library”
7. Select “Data Sets”
8. Select “1993 American Colleges and Universities”
The direct link to the data set (compiled by U. S. News & World Report LP) is provided with permission from Drexel University (copyright 2013) by The Math Forum @ Drexel. All rights reserved. You may access the link at Once you have obtained the data set, perform the following:
1. Sort the file by graduation rate and create a pie chart that displays the following categories: 25% or less, 26% to 50%, 51% to 75%, and 76% to 100%.
2. Present the pie chart and interpret it.
3. In Step 1, did you encounter any unusable data? Explain.
4. Would further analysis of the data set provide additional insights? Explain why or why not.
5. Are there aspects of the data that might cause the analysis to be misleading or suggest that further investigation is appropriate?
6. Drawing on your prior coursework, what statistical tests might be used to gain additional insight into the relationship of graduation rates to the other information provided in the data set? Explain.

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