Question: You have been hired by the U S Supreme Court to

You have been hired by the U.S. Supreme Court to find out if any racial bias affects whether persons who are convicted of capital murder receive the death penalty. Your data are 194 persons who were convicted of murder in six southern states. The dependent variable is a dummy variable coded 1 if the person received the death penalty and coded 0 otherwise. The independent variables are X1, the number of persons killed by the convictee (ranges from 1 to 8); X2, a dummy variable coded 1 if the person was able to pay for his or her own attorney (rather than having a court-assigned public defender); X3, the number of years of formal education the person has; and X4, a race variable coded 1 if the convictee was white and coded 0 otherwise. A regression analysis finds the following:
 = .54 + .05X1 - .23X2 - .02X3 - .31X4
sb1 = .042 sb2 = .083 sb3 = .006 sb4 = .012 Sy|x = .14
R2 = .52 Adj. R2 = .49
(a) Interpret this regression, including slopes, intercept, and R2. Are the slopes significant? What does this regression say about the research question?
(b) How likely is it that a white man with a college degree, who paid for his own attorney and who killed two people, will get the death penalty?
(c) How likely is it that a nonwhite man with an eighth- grade education, who had a public defender and who killed one person, will receive the death penalty?
(d) How would you change this study to find out whether the victim’s race mattered?

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