Question: You have just been assigned as a member of the

You have just been assigned as a member of the audit team of Bozarkana Company (a new client) and are considering accounts payable. Bozarkana Company uses a computerized voucher system for payables. As a starting point, you asked Bill Bozarkana, the controller, for a summary of payables and received the following schedule of more than 1,000 unpaid vouchers at year-end:

Bill Bozarkana has indicated that the schedule is a listing of the vouchers payable file as of year-end and that the total is the result of a separate question (query) of that file asking for total payables. You have the schedule in electronic and hard-copy form. Vouchers are issued sequentially, and voucher number 2335643 was the last one issued prior to year-end. You also have obtained the information relating to the following other computer files, which are available to you in electronic form, as shown on the previous page.
The client has made copies of these files available so that you and the assistant can perform the necessary steps on the files. Furthermore, you have compared these copies to the client’s copies and find that they are identical. Finally, you may assume that tests of controls have been performed on the controls related to the dates on the files. The controls were found to be effective.
a. Discuss how you would establish samples in the following situations:
(1) Randomly select 30 vouchers as of year-end and obtain the necessary information to send confirmations.
(2) Randomly select 30 accounts with balances payable (per vendor) as of December 31.
(3) Select all accounts (per vendor) with which the company has disbursed more than $500,000 during the year, but whose balance at year-end is zero.
b. Provide detailed guidance on the following:
(1) All purchases are sent to Bozarkana Company “FOB shipping point.” Identify a procedure for testing whether any items shipped to the client prior to year-end have been omitted from vouchers payable as of year-end.
(2) Select all disbursements over $300,000 in the first two weeks of January, and, for those not included as liabilities as of December 31, determine whether title to the goods had passed as of year-end, resulting in an unrecorded liability.

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