You have just finished reading and discussing 4 different definitions of religion (Otto, Marx, Freud and Tillich). Now, it is time to stop and give those definitions some thought and analysis – in comparison to one another, as well as in comparison to your own ever-developing definition of religion. That is the purpose of this writing assignment.
Reflecting on the 4 definitions of religion that you have read and we have discussed in class (Otto, Freud, Marx, Tillich):
1. Summarize each person’s definition / description in your own words.
2. Which definition makes is closest to your own understanding of religion? Discuss at least two specific reasons why.
3. Which definition is furthest from your own understanding of religion? Or, with which do you most disagree? Discuss at least two specific reasons for your disagreement.
4. Upon having read and discussed these definitions, how do YOU define religion at this point in your learning experience?

1. Typed.
2. Double-spaced.
3. Two complete (at least) pages of text.
4. 1” margins on the top bottom and sides; 12 point font.

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