You have now learned about the following financial statements issued by corporations: balance sheet, income statement, statement of retained earnings, statement of stockholders’ equity, and statement of cash flows. Listed below are various items frequently of interest to a corporation’s owners, potential investors, and creditors, among others. You are to specify which of the above corporate financial statements, if any, reports the desired information. If the listed item is not reported in any formal financial statement issued by a corporation, indicate an appropriate source for the desired information.
a. Number of shares of stock outstanding as of year-end.
b. Total dollar amount of cash dividends declared during the current year.
c. Market value per share at balance sheet date.
d. Cumulative dollar effect of an accounting error made in a previous year.
e. Detailed disclosure of why the number of shares of stock outstanding at the end of the cur-rent year is greater than the number of shares of stock outstanding at the end of the prior year.
f. Earnings per share of common stock.
g. Book value per share.
h. Price-earnings (p/e) ratio.
i. The total amount the corporation paid to buy back shares of its own stock, which it now holds.

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