You have two distinct gaseous compounds made from element X and element Y. The mass percents are as follows:
Compound I: 30.43% X, 69.57 % Y
Compound II: 63.64% X, 36.36% Y
In their natural standard states, element X and element Y exist as gases. (Monatomic? Diatomic? Triatomic? That is for you to determine.) When you react “gas X” with “gas Y” to make the products, you get the following data (all at standard pressure and temperature):
1 volume “gas X” + 2 volumes “gas Y” ( 2 volumes compound I
2 volumes “gas X” 1 + volume “gas Y” ( 2 volumes compound II
Assume the simplest possible formulas for reactants and products in these chemical equations. Then determine the relative atomic masses of element X and element Y.

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