You overheard the following comments during a conversation between Roger
You overheard the following comments during a conversation between Roger Nadal and Rafael Federer about a specific sampling application.
Refer to appropriate professional standards and comment on the validity of each of these statements.
a. “Using nonstatistical sampling is so much easier than using statistical sampling. Statistical sampling requires far too many judgments. Under non-statistical sampling, I can just pick items, evaluate them, and make my decision.”
b. “I wish nonstatistical sampling were allowable in generally accepted auditing standards audits. In some cases, the additional time required by statistical sampling just isn’t worth the benefits.”
c. “Once we control the sampling risk, we’re home free. Assuming we select a representative sample, there’s nothing else that we need to worry about.”
d. “Be careful if you try to set sampling risk at too low a level. You will need to select more items, which will increase the amount of audit time.”
e. “Those transactions with Wimbledon are always so difficult to audit. Let’s exclude them from our sampling frame. We can pick other items and have a sufficiently large sample to meet generally accepted auditing standards.”
f. “I’m about to perform a walkthrough on Flushing’s processing of sales transactions to understand their nature. What level of sampling risk should I consider in planning my sample of transactions?”

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