You serve on your organization s compensation committee and you are
You serve on your organization’s compensation committee, and you are meeting to negotiate the retirement package for your CEO who is retiring after a very successful 40-year career with your organization—the last 20 as CEO, during which time the company’s revenues grew more than fourfold and gross profits increased by over 300 percent. Divide into two teams, arguing for and against the following compensation package being proposed by the CEO’s representative:
• Unlimited access to the company’s New York apartment.
• Unlimited use of the corporate jet and company limousine service.
• Courtside tickets to New York Knicks games.
• Box seats at Yankee Stadium.
• VIP seats at the French Open, U.S. Open, and Wimbledon tennis tournaments.
• A lucrative annual consulting contract of $80,000 for the first five days and an additional $17,500 per day thereafter.
• Reimbursement for all professional services—legal, financial, secretarial, and IT support.
• Stock options amounting to $200 million.

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