Question: Young affluent U S professionals are creating a growing demand for

Young affluent U.S. professionals are creating a growing demand for exotic pets. The most popular pets are the Shiba Inu dog breed, Rottweilers, Persian cats, and Maine coons. Prices for these pets vary and depend on supply and demand. A breeder of exotic pets wants to know whether these four pets fetch the same average prices, whether prices for these exotic pets are higher in some geographic areas than in others, and whether there are any interactions-one or more of the four pets being more favored in one location than in others. Prices for 10 of each of these pets at four randomly chosen locations around the country are recorded and analyzed. The results are SS(pet) = 22,245, SS(location) = 34,551, SS(interaction) = 31,778, and SSE = 554,398. Are there any pet main effects? Are there any location main effects? Are there any pet-location interactions? Explain your findings.

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