Question: Your boss has just asked you to write a report

Your boss has just asked you to write a report. Identify the purpose and audience in each of the following situations:
a.* The firm is considering expansion of the shipping area. Background material is needed on the size of facilities at other firms.
b. The new stereo system is almost ready to be shipped. It is clearly superior to everything else on the market. Your boss was contacted by a hi-fi magazine for some material to include in its “new products” column.
c. Manufacturing equipment has been breaking down fairly often lately, and nobody seems to know why. Fortunately, information concerning the details of each breakdown is available.
d. Your firm’s bank is reluctant to lend any more money because it claims that your industry group’s sales are too closely tied to the economy and are therefore too vulnerable to financial trouble in a recession. Your boss feels that data available for the firm’s sales and for the U.S. gross national product might prove otherwise.

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