Question: Your boss the CFO has asked you to resolve an

Your boss, the CFO, has asked you to resolve an issue between accounting and human resources. You investigate to obtain the facts. Your friend in accounting tells you that in recent months after payroll checks are run, human resources complains that a few employees did not receive their paychecks. When you talk to human resources, you learn that the department enters all new employees immediately into the database. The department is baffled as to why accounting can’t seem to get it right. The new employees are very upset when they call human resources after they do not receive their first paycheck.
Your next step is to talk to IT to try to unravel what is occurring. When you explain the situation to IT, the database administrator tells you that accounting and human resources have stand-alone databases. Although human resources enters new employees into its database immediately, the updated data is transferred to the accounting database on the first of each month. Payroll is run on the last day of each month.
After gathering the facts, how would you resolve this issue? What do you tell the CFO? What do you say to accounting? What do you tell human resources?

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