Question: Your parents have accumulated a 120 000 nest egg They have

Your parents have accumulated a $120,000 nest egg. They have been planning to use this money to pay college costs to be incurred by you and your sister, Courtney. However, Courtney has decided to forgo college and start a nail salon. Your parents are giving Courtney $15,000 to help her get started, and they have decided to take year-end vacations costing $10,000 per year for the next four years.
How much money will your parents have at the end of four years to help you with graduate school, which you will start then? You plan to work on a master’s and perhaps a PhD. If graduate school costs $26,353 per year, approximately how long will you be able to stay in school based on these funds? Use 9 percent as the appropriate interest rate throughout this problem. Round all values to whole numbers.

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