Question: YouWin Manufactures and sells custom wooden trophies Each of the

YouWin! Manufactures and sells custom wooden trophies. Each of the company’s two divisions, Production and Sales, has a manager, who is responsible for all costs in his/her division. Following are selected costs from YouWin!.
• Wood
• Brass ornamentation
• Engraving materials
• Adhesive for trophy production
• Salary of sales staff
• Wages of machine operators
• Wages of factory custodial staff
• Production manager’s salary
• Rent and insurance on factory building
• Rent on headquarters building
• Engraving machine
• Electricity in factory building
• Depreciation of office equipment
• Maintenance on engraving machines
For each cost listed, fill in the following chart. If a definite distinction cannot be made for any category, indicate why and what additional information would be needed before classification can be made.

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