Yuki Tanaka supervises a unit of sales representatives at iAna
Yuki Tanaka supervises a unit of sales representatives at iAna Systems. Recently, there have been problems. Customers have complained that her sales reps are not completing invoice orders quickly enough. Other daily tasks have also been neglected and performance numbers have shown a steep decline.
Yuki called the sales representatives into a meeting and listed the problems that were occurring. After limited discussion, she reminded them that their unresponsiveness and omissions could result in major financial hardships for the company through a loss of sales and customers. She reviewed the schedule for daily tasks and invoice procedures. She added that she would be monitoring the invoices and daily tasks and would follow-up on any complaints from customers in the next week by meeting with the sales representative responsible for that invoice.

1. What are some of Yuki’s actions that indicate task behavior?
2. Is Yuki’s level of task behavior high or low?
3. Which of Yuki’s actions indicated relationship behavior?
4. Is Yuki’s level of relationship behavior high or low?
5. Which leadership style was Yuki using (S1, S2, S3, or S4) and why?
6. Did Yuki’s leadership style match what was needed in the situation? Why or why not?
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