Question: Zoller Company produces a dark chocolate candy bar Recently the

Zoller Company produces a dark chocolate candy bar. Recently, the company adopted the following standards for one bar of the candy:
Direct materials (6.3 oz. @ $0.20)........ $1.26
Direct labor (0.08 hr. @ $18.00)......... 1.44
Standard prime cost............. $2.70
During the first week of operation, the company experienced the following actual results:
a. Bars produced: 143,000.
b. Ounces of direct materials purchased: 901,200 ounces at $0.21 per ounce.
c. There are no beginning or ending inventories of direct materials.
d. Direct labor: 11,300 hours at $17.30.
1. Compute price and usage variances for direct materials.
2. Compute the rate variance and the efficiency variance for direct labor.
3. Prepare the journal entries associated with direct materials and direct labor.

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