1. Prepare a briefing report of about four double-spaced pages

1. Prepare a briefing report of about four double-spaced pages in which you describe Web services technology in a way that will be understandable to the four department directors. These directors are experienced administrators, but they are not technology experts.
2. Prepare a briefing report that outlines opportunities for the use of Web services in each department. Include about three double-spaced pages for each department.
3. Prepare an analysis of costs and benefits for each major application of Web services that you identify. In this setting, a benefit can arise from an increase in revenue, a reduction in expense, an improvement in the quality of service provided, or an increase in the speed with which a service is provided. This report should be directed to Anne and should include an implementation recommendation (whether the state should implement or should not implement) for each Web service application you identified.
You are a member of the Web site management team of a state government. You have worked on all of the state's Web sites from time to time and have managed the launch of four major sites and the redesign and relaunch of two others. Some of the Web sites on which you have worked include electronic commerce features such as order acceptance, payment processing, and purchasing.


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