1. The final velocity of a truck is 74.0 ft/s.

1. The final velocity of a truck is 74.0 ft/s. If it accelerates at a rate of 2.00 ft/s2 from an initial velocity of 5.00 ft/s, how long will it take for it to attain its final velocity?
2. A truck accelerates from 85 km/h to 120 km/h in 9.2 s. Find its acceleration in m/s2.
3. How long does it take a rock to drop 95.0 m from rest? Find the final speed of the rock.
4. An aircraft with a landing speed of 295 km/h lands on an aircraft carrier with a landing area 205 m long. Find the minimum constant deceleration required for a safe landing.
5. A ball is thrown downward from the top of a 43.0-ft building with an initial speed of 62.0 ft/s. Find its final speed as it strikes the ground.
6. A car is traveling at 70 km/h. It then uniformly decelerates to a complete stop in 12 s. Find its acceleration (in m/s2).


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