(a) Calculate the change in entropy when 1.00 mol of

(a) Calculate the change in entropy when 1.00 mol of water (molecular mass 18.0 g/mol) at 100°C evaporates to form water vapor at l00oC.
(b) Repeat the calculation of part (a) for 1.00 mol of liquid nitrogen, 1.00 mol of silver, and 1.00 mol of mercury when each is vaporized at its normal boiling point (See Table 17.4 for the beats of vaporization, and Appendix D for the molar masses. Note that the nitrogen molecule is N2.)
(c) Your results in parts (a) and (b) should be in relatively close agreement. (This is called the rule of Drepez and Trouton.) Explain why this should be so, using the idea that entropy is a measure of the randomness of a system.


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