Canton Trade Mart has recently had lackluster sales. The rate

Canton Trade Mart has recently had lackluster sales. The rate of inventory turnover has dropped, and the merchandise is gathering dust. At the same time, competition has forced Canton’s suppliers to lower the prices that Canton will pay when it replaces its inventory. It is now December 31, 2014, and the current replacement cost of Canton’s ending inventory is $7,000 below what Canton actually paid for the goods, which was $98,000. Before any adjustments at the end of the period, the Cost of Goods Sold account has a balance of $410,000.
a. What accounting action should Canton take in this situation?
b. Give any journal entry required.
c. At what amount should Canton report Inventory on the balance sheet?
d. At what amount should the company report Cost of Goods Sold on the income statement?
e. Discuss the accounting principle or concept that is most relevant to this situation.

Ending Inventory
The ending inventory is the amount of inventory that a business is required to present on its balance sheet. It can be calculated using the ending inventory formula                Ending Inventory Formula =...


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