For the month of April, Tom and Lynda had forecasted

For the month of April, Tom and Lynda had forecasted gym membership at 950 members. Tom and Lynda expect to collect $100 as the monthly fee from each member and to spend $35 in variable costs per member per month. Tom and Lynda budget $42,000 toward fixed costs. They are careful to note that the $100 per month fee is an average. The nominal fee is $115 per month. The $100 is the fee they expect to receive per member after discounts for length of membership, percent off coupons, and other adjustments.
Actual results for April show membership at 975 members, revenues at $98,100, fixed costs at $43,000, and profit at $20,975.

Calculate the
(1) Sales volume variance,
(2) Sales price variance,
(3) Variable cost variance, and
(4) Fixed cost variance. Be sure to mark each variance as being favorable (F) or unfavorable (U).


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