Job Description

Work as

Sales Promotion Officer

$20,000 Annum| Orlando, FL| Part Time| Flexible Hours

$20,000 Annum| Orlando, FL| Part Time| Flexible Hours


Solution Inn is an educational portal for students and tutors. Both Students and tutors are interacting using this portal. A large student community is available on facebook and other social media. We are seeking a part time sales promotion officer for promotional marketing campaigns to increase the sales or the use of a product or service on our web portal.

These incentives reach the consumer in a variety of ways, such as within the college campus, at events and exhibitions, through direct mail, websites, text messaging and social media.


  • Researching students’ demands and how tutors can help them.
  • Able to sale study membership to college students by using direct marketing techniques
  • Responsible executing social media campaigns including paid posts, social media campaigns from set up, execution, management, optimizations, and reporting.
  • Demonstrates strong presentation skills and provides digital and social expertise to account teams and engages in client interactions.
  • Use social analytics to assess efficacy of message, audience and platform.
  • Able to run successful email campaigns.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience:

You may be able to enter the role without a degree as employers are often looking for experience and relevant skills. However, some will specifically want graduates and in these instances, although any degree or HND is usually accepted, the following subjects may be particularly useful:

  • Advertising
  • Business studies or management
  • Economics
  • English
  • Information technology
  • Marketing
  • Media
  • Psychology

How to apply

Please submit a resume that shows your experience as it has prepared you for this role, and a link to your portfolio.

Job Type: Part-time

Working hours:

You’re flexible to work from your home, college, university wherever possible.

Required education: Bachelor's


The salary will be negotiated however, you will get $50 USD bonus for every membership sold to student. You will get a bonus for referring new tutor on board.