Merano Wool Company manufactures clothing from merino wool The person

Merano Wool Company manufactures clothing from merino wool. The person preparing the adjusting entries at year-end left for a vacation prior to completing the adjustments. You have been given the following unadjusted trial balance along with some additional information for the December 31, 2014, year-end.

Other information:
1. Assume all accounts have a normal balance.
2. 30% of the balance in Unearned Sales is from sales earned during 2014; the remaining balance is for 2015 sales.
3. Merano warranties its clothing against manufacturer defects and estimates that 4.5% of the 18,800 garments sold during 2014 will be returned for replacement. The average cost of the garments is $75.
4. A partial amortization schedule for the note payable follows:

5. 3% of outstanding receivables are estimated to be uncollectible.
6. A physical count of the inventory showed a balance actually on hand of $143,940.
7. The balance in Income Tax Expense represents taxes accrued and paid for the 2014 period at the rate of $16,000 per month. Assume the income tax rate is 24%.

1. Based on the information provided, journalize the adjusting entries at December 31, 2014.
2. Prepare a classified balance sheet (round all values on the balance sheet to wholenumbers).


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