Minute Corp., a Canadian public corporation, reported the following on

Minute Corp., a Canadian public corporation, reported the following on its December 31, 2016 statement of financial position:


Investment in Hysenaj Ltd. shares, at FV-NI: 6,400 shares, original cost of $251,540 .... 316,300

Investment in Growthpen Corp. shares, at FV-OCI, without recycling:

4,000 shares, original cost of $28,800 .............................................................. 26,100

Investment in Metal Corp. bonds, at amortized cost:

$500,000 face value, 6% bonds, due November 1, 2021, interest paid each May 1 and November 1 to yield 5% (See Note 1) .......................................................................... 521,227

Interest receivable on Metal Corp. bonds ........................................................... 5,000

Shareholders' equity

Accumulated other comprehensive income: unrealized loss on Growthpen Corp. shares .... 2,700

Additional information:

1. The bond amortization table used by Minute Corp. for this bond indicated the following for the November 1, 2016 interest received and interest income:

Minute Corp., a Canadian public corporation, reported the following on

On December 31, 2016, Minute's accountant pencilled in the following numbers below the November 1, 2016 line:

Minute Corp., a Canadian public corporation, reported the following on

2. Minute Corp. follows the provisions of IFRS 9 for its FV-NI and FV-OCI investments, using the FV-NI method for investments acquired for trading purposes, and the FV-OCI method for investments that it intends to hold for their growth potential. For the FV-OCI investments, transaction costs are capitalized, and when gains and losses are realized, they are reclassified to retained earnings. Interest and dividends are not reported separately from other investment income for investments held for trading and accounted for at FV-NI.
The following transactions and events took place during the company's year ended December 31, 2017:
Jan. 2 Sold 1,000 Growthpen shares for $8.50 per share less a $300 commission.
Jan. 3 Purchased 3,600 of the 12,000 outstanding shares of Lloyd Corp. for $234,000. Minute Corp. and Lloyd Corp. managements have worked together on joint projects in the past and Lloyd often asks Minute management for advice on operational and financing issues that Lloyd faces. A review of Lloyd's financial statements on the date these shares were acquired indicated total assets of $1.4 million and total liabilities of $750,000. In addition, the company has an internally developed patent that has a fair value of $60,000 but is unrecorded in the accounts. The patent is likely to have value to Lloyd for another six years.
Mar. 18 Received a $1 per share dividend on Growthpen shares and a $3 per share dividend on Hysenaj shares.
May 1 Received the semi-annual interest on the Metal Corp. bonds.
June 30 Sold the Metal Corp. bonds for 102 plus accrued interest.
Sept. 17 Sold all the shares of Hysenaj for $58 per share. Paid a 1% commission.
Oct. 15 Received a dividend of $1 per share on the Lloyd Corp. shares.
Dec. 31 Lloyd Corp. management reported that the company earned a net income of $48,000 for its year ended December 31, 2017.
Dec. 31 The fair values of the remaining investments are: Growthpen Corp. $7 per share; Lloyd Corp. $217,800.
(a) Showing all calculations, prepare all required entries during 2017 and at December 31, 2017, if necessary, for the transactions and adjustments relating to the investments in the Hysenaj Ltd. shares, the Growthpen Corp. shares, the Metal Corp. bonds, and the Lloyd Corp. shares.
(b) Determine the December 31, 2017 balances in each asset account related to the investments and in accumulated other comprehensive income. Prepare a partial statement of financial position, indicating where and how each of the investments and AOCI would be reported.
(c) Determine the December 31, 2017 balances in each income and OCI account related to the investments. Assuming that Minute Corp. reports a net income of $1,422,600, including all revenue, expense, gain, and loss accounts that are correctly included in net income, prepare a statement of comprehensive income for Minute's year ended December 31, 2017.
(d) After Minute Corp.'s December 31, 2017 financial statements were released, the members of an investment club met to look at Minute as a possible investment. The club members were not familiar with the term "accumulated other comprehensive income" that they saw on the statement of financial position. Explain what the balance in this account represents, using terms the club members would understand.

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