Service Fee

This is your guide to understand the changes made to Solution Inn pricing.

Solution Inn fees are reducing

With effect from (July 13,2016), Solution Inn service fees are changing from 25% to a low 8%. This will be a flat rate charge of 8% across the board.

service fee on all contracts
project had a $25 service fee
service fee on all contracts
project will have $8 service fee

These changes will be implemented on (July 13,2016) and automatically be applied to all your contracts following this date.


After careful deliberation and considering the numerous requests from freelancers, Solution Inn has decided to pass the good on and lower its service fee charged to all freelancers. This will help freelancers to keep more of the monies charged to clients and also may eventually be able to lower the cost of a project since a lower fee is being charged. This pricing change is being implemented to develop and maintain long term professional relations with both our clients and freelancers. We value our freelancers and would like to build on that bond of trust, for timely and secure payment processing that we have always offered.