One end of a uniform meter stick is placed against

One end of a uniform meter stick is placed against a vertical wall (Fig. 11.50). The other end is held by a lightweight cord that makes an angle 6 with the stick. The coefficient of static friction between the end of the meter stick and the wall is 0.40.
(a) What is the maximum value the angle 6 can have if the stick is to remain in equilibrium?
(b) Let the angle 6 be 15°. A block of the same weight as the meter stick is suspended from the stick, as shown, at a distance JC from the wall. What is the minimum value of JC for which the stick will remain in equilibrium?
(c) When 6 = 15°, how l8llle must the coefficient of static friction is so that the block can be attached 10 cm from the left end of the stick without causing it to slip?



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