One of the reasons for Six Apart's success is its

One of the reasons for Six Apart's success is its friendly, open style of communication with its customers, even those occasional customers who make unrealistic demands or expect special treatment. Unfortunately, you've learned that some of the customer service rep-resentatives have been letting their emotions get in the way when dealing with these difficult customers. Several customers have complained about rude treatment. You're sensitive to the situation because you know that customer service can be a difficult job. However, having a reputation for hostile customer service could spell doom for the company, so you need to communicate your concerns immediately. Which of the following sentences would be the best way to begin an e-mail message to the customer service staff?
a. "We must all work harder at serving customers in an efficient, timely manner."
b. "The growing problem of abusive customers communications must stop immediately-after all, without customers, we have no revenue; without revenue, you have no jobs."
c. "Positive customer support is one of our most important competitive advantages, but it has come to management's attention that some of you are ruining the company's reputation by mistreating customers."
d. "Thank you for your continued efforts at supporting our customers; I know this can be a challenging task at times."