PART 1: 1. Discuss the importance of change management for the

1. Discuss the importance of change management for the successful implementation of a system. As an analyst what steps would you take for the smooth transition to the new system?
2. How would you identify the need of your stakeholders?
3. How do you know when "enough is enough"? What should you look for when determining when software is ready to go into production? What indicates that enough testing has been done?
4. How do non-functional requirements affect the design of a system? Please provide an example.
5. Select an emerging technology of your choice and explain how it will affect future development of systems?
Library Thing is a social media for book lovers. It promotes itself as 'Facebook for books'. It is an online service to help people discover and catalog their books easily. Using the Principles for User Interface Design, evaluate Library Thing and provide recommendations to improve the user experience.
Marist College plans to develop a new 'Course Registration System' to better manage and streamline the online registration process for Graduate students. Based on the following requirements create a Use Case, Sequence, Class, ER diagram and sql query for a REGISTRATION REPORT.
1. The system will allow students to register as well as drop both online and ground classes.
2. The system will allow the Graduate Director to add/remove/edit courses offered during each semester and set maximum seats availability for each course.
3. The system will allow students to view the courses offered for their graduate program during selected semesters.
4. The system will also list the pre requirement courses if any associated with a particular course.
5. The system should not allow students to register for a course unless the pre-requirement courses have been completed. For Example: A student should not be allowed to register for Systems Design unless s/he has completed its pre-req Information Analysis.
6. The system should not allow a student to register for more than 3 courses per semester.
7. In case of international students, the system should only allow registration for 1 online course per semester.
8. In case of inconsistencies and issues with registration, Graduate Director will have an authority to override.
9. Graduate Director would like to view a report showing a student's class registration history by semester and year and the total credit remaining for his/her successful graduation. PLEASE PROVIDE A SQL query to generate the REGISTRATION REPORT.
10. Please recommend any other reports that your E-R diagram design can generate which may be beneficial for Graduate Director's analysis purposes.
A person, group or organization that has interest or concern in an organization. Stakeholders can affect or be affected by the organization's actions, objectives and policies. Some examples of key stakeholders are creditors, directors, employees,...