Plaintiff Jean Robert Paul was hired by defendant employer as

Plaintiff Jean Robert Paul was hired by defendant employer as a case manager at a residential facility for people needing various social services. The plaintiff was a 58-year-old Haitian man. Paul shared a work space with four people and frequently did not get along with them. Significant problems among the plaintiff and his coworkers began when the plaintiff complained that two of his coworkers told him that he was "old, Haitian, and that he can't be a boss" and excluded the plaintiff from a daytime boat excursion with clients, stating that "the trip is for young people." The plaintiff alleged that his boss's interventions were not satisfactory and that harassment in the workplace continued. The plaintiff also alleged that the defendant retaliated against him for complaining about the harassment and discrimination in the workplace. The plaintiff ended up filing Title VII and ADEA claims, alleging that the defendant harassed him and discriminated against him on the basis of age and nationality. The defendant motioned for summary judgment. What evidence would the court need to conclude that this action could sustain a prima facie Title VII or ADEA hostile work environment claim? How do you think the court ruled? Paul v. Postgraduate Ctr. for Mental Health, 2015 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 42944 (2015).


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