Prepare the journal entries required to record the following tra

Prepare the journal entries required to record the following transactions in the general fund of Rochester Township.
1. Borrowed $75,000 by issuing six-month tax anticipation notes.
2. Ordered equipment with an estimated cost of $33,000.
3. Received the equipment along with an invoice for its actual cost, $33,250.
4. Transferred $200,000 of general fund resources to a debt service fund.
5. On January 1, the township levied property taxes of $1,000,000. The township expects to collect all except $100,000 by the end of the fiscal year or within not more than 60 days thereafter. Of the remaining $100,000, half is expected to prove uncollectible.
6. The township received a $100,000 restricted grant for certain library programs from another unit of government. The grant will be accounted for in the general fund.
7. The township incurred $75,000 of expenditures for the programs covered by the library grant.


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