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Textbooks are too expensive to buy or even to rent sometimes. That is Why Solution Inn has decided to giveaway 1500+ books to college students on a strictly first-come first-serve basis. This will be absolutely gratuitous, even shipping. All that needs done is to visit the website and fill out a simple form with shipping details. It’s that simple. The mission here is to help college students across the country by allowing them to save some of their money that they would originally be spending on different textbooks. This will be an ongoing permanent feature of the company to giveaway anything over 1500 books a year to any student in order to help reduce the financial burden off the already financially struggling students.

With the survival cost getting higher everyday and tuition fees and college supply prices soaring, Solution Inn has come up with this idea and many more for the future to help the students by being a stepping stone to their ladder of success. Yes, there are organizations out there that help students get grants and loans and also do what Solution Inn has just started, but it’s never too late. These facts are no secret, and Solution Inn is trying to make the college experience a little less stressful and a little less expensive. Although it doesn’t take away nearly half of the high numbers, a little bit does go a long way. Solution Inn aims to absorb this mental and financial shock of students by providing and encouraging an “open textbook” culture. According to a report by the “Chicago Tribune” the College Board says that any average student pays around $1200 annually for books and supplies. Now, that’s a pretty steep climb being a college student who is asked to buy their own books where you were used to “hand-me-down” in high school. Some students may be privileged more than others and do not have to fret about the monetary aspects of attending college but for students who do not have financial support it might be over whelming.

Paying for college (tuition, books and supplies, and boarding lodging) shouldn’t be a reason not to attend one and Solution Inn takes pride doing its part in helping ease this burden by a simple gesture – giving away free textbooks.So, until open textbooks and no charge public college education becomes a reality, get out there and reserve your gratis textbook today.

Check out our listing  and reserve your book today.

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